Inverting Like Crazy Because It’s Fun!

Exercise is great for the body but it is also strenuous, you have to continue with it if you really want to see results. Some can stick it out, others not so much. We fall in the latter category of people. In fact, my inability to exercise over the years has manifested in a unique problem – back pain, and lots of it. You have to understand that I am neither overweight nor inactive. I live a very active life but ever since a camping accident three years ago, I get phantom pains in my back on an irregular basis. Come winter, these pain pangs tend to revisit regularly than usual.

Yes, exercise is one of the ways to counter my situation but like I said it isn’t something I can stay honest in. Looking around for a solution I came across the concept of inverting and boy did it sound fun. Got myself one of those wicked contraptions called, “Inversion Table” just to give the concept a go. After all, it only takes a few minutes each day to invert. And in some inversion table reviews I also learnt that inverting to various degrees works on different areas of the back. I went with a cheaper Body Max IT-6000. This was about two months back after I read some reviews here.

I have donated it to a local physiotherapy center for war veterans. I became so addicted to this form of back pain therapy because of the crazy inversion benefits, I felt the local center needed it more than I did. Besides, this gave me an excellent excuse to try a better brand. I kept reading good reviews on Ironman tables and finally gave into the urge for a far sturdier and reliable replacement.

Just recently I visited the physiotherapy center to see if the table was getting any use. I was informed that the regulars really loved the table and some actually went ahead and got one for their homes. Never really expected the inversion phenomenon to catch on like wild fire in the city.

If you haven’t yet tried out inversion therapy, make your first investment into a back pain free future today. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.