Replacing the Vacuum Sealer with a Straw

Most of the times we have troubling storing our food. Coffee goes stale, the cookies lose their crunchiness, the vegetables become soggy; in order to preserve the natural goodness of the food and their taste, it is important that you seal and store them the right way. Keep the foods frozen. Blanch and dry out the vegetables properly before sealing them. Vacuum sealers are really helpful in this regard. They help create a vacuum so that you can keep things safe for a longer time. The silver items, your jewelry, and many other such things which would tarnish if not sealed properly. However, not all of us can afford to buy a vacuum cleaner. Although it is one handy equipment but many of us still choose to work our way around it. If you think you can’t buy one right now then there is no needed to be worried about it. We have a cheaper alternative available for vacuum sealers; a straw.

617765874Uses of vacuum sealing

It is usually used for storage purposes. The main reasons behind this storage technique are:

  • Prevents the oxidation of food which usually occurs after being exposed to air for far too long.
  • Reduces the volume so that you can store more items in lesser space.
  • Prevents tarnishing of silverware since the sealing removes all possible contact with oxygen which might tarnish the items in the bag.

How does it work?

The process may not produce results as perfect as the ones using a vacuum sealer but if you are looking for an alternative, it does the job just fine. Some of the main reasons to go for this methods are:

  • It is cheaper. You don’t have to invest in a vacuum sealer anymore.
  • The process is pretty simple and convenient. Just about anyone can do it without having to go through instruction manuals or guidelines.

All you need to do is place whatever you want to seal inside the zip locked bag. If it is some food item, it would help if you have pre-frozen them properly especially if it is meat and fish. Zip the bag completely leaving just enough space for a straw to fit in.  The next step in line is to fit in the straw that you have inside the bag and get to work. Try to suck out as much of air as you possibly can with your mouth. The results would depend on your efforts so make sure you have sucked out all the air which you possibly could. Once you are satisfied with your efforts, seal the bag as quickly as you can to prevent any air from going inside. This is a decent and method to keep most of your things safe for a long time.

Straws provide a good alternative to vacuum sealers especially if the things you want to seal are few and in less quantity. Do give this method a try and leave a comment to let us know how it worked out for you.